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Animations: the pages

Solar system may be seen through animations made from the images sent by the space probes, by observing satellites or from ground-based telescopes.
Of course, the real motions in the Solar system seem to be slow and the animations are accelerated. 
The links towards specific animation files are designated by   all along the Tour.
You will find hereafter the list of the pages including animations proposed on our site as well as informations on the means for visualize them.
The links below are directed to pages including animations or links to animations and providing explanations on these animations.
The direct links to the animation files are available here.

Sun rotation activity prominences total eclipse
Mercury passage in conjunction with the Sun
Vénus rotation flight over the surface I flight over the surface II Approaching Venus
Terre rotation passage in the shadow of the Moon aurora I and II aurora III
Moon rotation ,   libration Apollo missions I Apollo missions II
Mars rotation flight over the surface I flight over the surface II the Sojourner robot tornadoes I, II
Phobos rotation satellites as seen from Mars
Jupiter rotation motion of the atmosphere
satellite Io rotation IR observation of volcanoes
satellite Europa rotation
Saturn rotation I, rotation II flight over the surface by Voyager rotation of the shepherding satellites
rings of Saturn rotation rotation of the shepherding satellites
satellites of Saturn rotation of Titan flight over Enceladus
Neptune rotation as seen by Voyager rotation as seen by the HST
satellite Triton flight over Triton
Pluto rotation
asteroid Eros rotation flight over Eros I flight over Eros II simulation of the orbital approach of NEAR
asteroids rotation of Kleopatra
rotation of Vesta
Galileo approaching Gaspra motion of Lucina blink detection of Campania, Huruhata, ...
comète Shoemaker-Levy 9 simulation of the orbital approach of Jupiter par SL9 fall of SL9 on Jupiter I fall of SL9 on Jupiter II
comètes Hyakutake approaching the Sun comet animation
espace Ariane taking off Kourou Saturn V taking off Cape Kennedy launching of Soho the HST in space
divers animation of the solar system Oumuamua through the solar system

Visualizing the animations :

Attention, to visualize the animations you must have the adapted softwares. In order to verify your configuration, click here.