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The FP7 ESPaCE Program proposes:

     A Tour in the Solar System!

This site is dedicated to the general public, to the students, pupils and their teachers and to amateur astronomers. It proposes to explore the Solar System through three ways and several levels of difficulties :

- "Encyclopedia" providing all information on each body of the solar system ;

- "Discovery" showing how we succeed to arrive to the present knowledge of the solar system ;

- "Space adventure" describing the voyages of the space probes to explore solar system.

We also propose more:
- a tour in some astronomical observatories involved in solar system exploration, especially the laboratories members of the FP7 ESPaCE program for satellite ephemerides development;
- detailed pages for understanding the usefulness of astronomy, astrophysics, celestial mechanics, astrometry, planetology, for knowing more on specific topics and fundamental concepts.

For the tour, you may either just follow the icon or explore with your own way, following links ("Knowing more...") or going directly where you wish through the menu, the index or the map of the site at the bottom right of each page. If you are lost, the menu or the map of the site will help you to find your way. The "guide to navigate" will help you to understand the best way to find what you wish. Have a good tour in the solar system!