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Credit: Google/IMCCE

Many space centers exist in the world is currently in use for testing launcher or put in orbit, or having worked in the past but now unused. The map above is the inventory.

Rules of very strict security governing the implementation of a spaceport: the explosion of launchers, premature fallout, manufacture and storage of fuels require removal of populations. In addition, a situation close to the equator is favorable to put in orbit, which explains the floating plants in the middle of the ocean.

1: Woomera, Australia
2: Jiuquan, China
3: Xichang, China
4: Taiyuan, China
5: Kourou, French Guiana
6: Hammaguir, Algeria/France
7: Satish Dhawan, India
8: San Marco Platform, Kenya, Italy/USA
9: Kagoshima, Japan
10: Tanegashima, Japan
11: Musudan-Ri, North Korea
12: Baikonour, Russia
13: Plesetsk, Russia
14: Kapustin Yar, Russia
15: Svobodny, Russia
16: Dombarovsky, Russia
17: Mer de Barentz
18: Sea Launch, USA/Russia/Norway
19: Cape Canaveral, USA
20: Kennedy Center, USA
21: Vandenberg AFB, USA
22: Edwards AFB, USA
23: China Lake AFB, USA
24: Wallops Flight Facility, USA
25: Kodiak Launch Complex, USA
26: Kwajalein Atoll, USA
27: Alcantara, Brazil
28: Palmachim Air Base, Israel
29: Gando Air Base, USA/Spain

Credit: JAXA
A launch from the base of Kagoshima (Japan)