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Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE)

The ASTRON and JIVE site in Dwingeloo (The Netherlands)

The Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe was formally established in 1993 by the Consortium for VLBI in Europe. The Institute is located in Dwingeloo, the Netherlands, and hosted by ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy.
JIVE is a member of the EVN Consortium and is a legal entity under the Dutch law. The Institute is governed by the Board nominated by the research councils and national radio astronomy facilities of the Netherlands (NWO and ASTRON), CNRS (France), MPIfR (Germany), INAF (Italy), NAOC (PR China), NRF (South Africa), IGN (Spain), OSO (Sweden) and STFC (United Kingdom). The Director of JIVE is Dr. Huib Jan van Langevelde.

The primary mission of JIVE is to operate and further develop the EVN VLBI Data Processor. JIVE is also involved in supporting EVN users and operations of EVN as a facility. These activities are conducted by a team of JIVE Support Scientists. The Institute also carries out a broad range of Research and Development activities in VLBI-related fields, such as radio astronomy data processing and innovative applications of VLBI and radio astronomy technologies. JIVE staff, consisting of about 20 PhD scientists, carries out a range of cutting-edge research in various fields of galactic and extragalactic radio astronomy, planetary and space sciences.
The Institute is actively involved in a number of large international projects, such as the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project. In several projects funded by the European Commission, JIVE acts as a coordinator or a participant.