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Some images of Eros seen by the NEAR probe.

A large crater on Eros.
This image was reconstructed from images taken at a distance of 204 km. We distinguish clearly visible on the sides inside the crater, lighter areas. 
This image was taken while the probe was 204 km from the asteroid. The smaller structures visible measure of the order of 20 meters only.
On the image above, the structures shaped as stripes are clearly visible: the width is of a few hundred meters, it is assumed that they are the signature of fractures deep into the asteroid.
A detail of Eros, seen from a distance of 37 km.
The horizon on Eros, seen from an altitude of 34 km
A structure of one kilometer in diameter to an altitude of 38 km.

Click here for animated images  taken by the NEAR probe during its flyby of Eros

Opposite, an image taken when NEAR was landing on asteroid Eros at 120 meters high on 21 February 2001. The width of the field photographed is 6 meters.

Credit : NASA/John Hopkins University