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and the projects of ELT (Extremely Large Telescope)

Credit: Euro50

Above, a project of a 50 meters-telescope.

The project of the building of an "Extremely Large Telescope" with a primary mirror of a diameter of 39 meters, is now started on a site near Paranal (Chile).

Details on this project and on other similar projects are available below:
- ELT ( Extremely Large Telescope de l'ESO
- TMT ( Thirty Metre Telescope
- CELT ( California Extremely Large Telescope
- GSMT ( Giant Segmented Mirror Telescope
- OWL ( Overwhelmingly Large Telescope
- GMT ( Giant Magellan Telescope
- VLOT ( Very Large Optical Telescope
- LAT ( Large Atacama Telescope
- EURO50 ( European 50-metre Telescope